Fall Home Checklist

Fall Home Checklist

No, Game of Thrones hasn’t returned – that’s sometime in 2019. And it’s not truly fall yet – that’s September 22 – but it is close enough to think about the simple fall maintenance items you can check off to protect your home and save money in the long run.

Get Your Head in the Gutter

Or pay someone to do it. Either way, don’t neglect your gutters this fall. Whether you get ahead before the leaves fall and have mesh guards installed or if you do an annual clean out after the leaves are done. Make you won’t have any drainage issues as frozen gutters can be costly. Also, ideally make sure all downspouts run about 10 ft away from your foundation.

Semi-annual HVAC Inspection

Twice a year it’s good to have your HVAC system inspected and maintained, though you can get away with doing it once if you want to save a few bucks. If you haven’t had your heating system checked in a while, do it before you start running it a lot this winter. This is usually under $100.

Inspect Your Roof

Take a step back in the yard and survey your roof. Look for rusty exposed metal, dislodged or missing shingles, tears, moss, etc. You’ll have water sitting on top of your house for weeks at a time this winter. If there’s a hole, it will find its way in and start causing damage.

Check the Chimney

This one is important. Every year or every 2 years, you should really have your chimney cleaned and inspected. A failing or clogged chimney could be incredibly dangerous. This inspection should also cost less than $100.

Winterize Early

Typically you won’t use your outdoor faucets very much in the fall, so disconnect the hoses, drain them both, and shut them off before the weather gets cold. It’s always nice to have some winterization done early. The same goes for your irrigation system.