Don’t forget to prep your home for winter!

Don’t forget to prep your home for winter!

There are a few simple, inexpensive maintenance items that every home owner should do before winter hits. Remember, it’s always cheaper to prevent rather than repair, and some of these maintenance items could save your life!

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!
We say this a lot but it can’t be stressed enough, especially in the winter when your furnace will be running 24/7.

Have your furnace and chimney inspected
These inspections very important and thankfully cheap to do (usually under $100). Make sure your furnace is running efficiently and that your chimney is properly ventilating your home.

Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear
Gutters clogged with fall leaves will lead to poor drainage which could weigh them down with ice in the winter and lead to wood rot, which is never fun to replace.

Shut-off external water pipes
Outdoor spigots and irrigation systems should be drained to prevent freezes and breaks.

Remove your window screens
This will prevent them from being damaged by frost and driven snow, plus it will allow more light in during those dreary winter months and increase the passive solar heating from direct sunlight.