A Quick Spring Checklist

A Quick Spring Checklist

Maintenance makes a difference! As much of a pain as it can be at times, some small maintenance items can save you quite a bit of money. Here are five things to accomplish this spring:

Get your HVAC serviced.

HVAC repairs can get expensive quick so having your system cleaned and serviced yearly before you run the A/C all summer can make a difference! Usually this will only run you about $75-100. At the VERY LEAST make sure you change the filter and clean your condenser. Hose it off, use a shop-vac to clean out the coils, and make sure there isn’t any dirt or plants up against it. These things will trap moisture and cause the unit to deteriorate.

Clean your window weep holes.

What’s a weep hole? At the base of your window on the outside, you’ll see small holes or slits (like this). Make sure they are clear, use a small pick to clean them out if necessary. These weep holes allow your window to drain any water that may have seeped in which could lead to rotting if it stays trapped.

Seal cracks and check for rotted wood.

After the winter your home and driveway has likely suffered some frost damage. Take a walk around with an acrylic caulking gun and reseal any cracks or gaps you may see on the outside of your home. And if any of the wood appears to be rotten then it would be good to replace it. Also, check your driveway… Have any major cracks sealed to prevent further deterioration. No one wants to repave their driveway if they don’t have to!

Clean your dryer vents!

These last two items are important safety concerns. Make sure to clean out your dryer vents both from the inside and outside of your home. You’ll be surprised how much lint makes it passed your filter and a clog can lead to a greatly increased risk of fire.

Test your smoke & CO detectors!

We say this a lot, but it can not be stressed enough! Make sure your detectors work, have fresh batteries, and are not expired. A small chore like this can quite literally save your life. A good rule of thumb is to do this every time you change the clocks back or forward.